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Version: 5.0.4

Device Support

Ultinous AI Suite currently runs on Nvidia Jetson NX and selected x86-64 hardware. You will find each tested model with their specifications below.

Nvidia Jetson NX devices

ManufacturerModel name (with specs link)GenerationExtension

IMPORTANT: In order to work with Ultinous AI Suite, all Jetson devices must have an 500 GB SSD storage which might be built-in or can be purchased separately.

Tested x86-64 configurations

CPUGPUMinimum Physical memory
AMD EPYC 7351P 16-CoreNvidia RTX A400016GB RAM

Note that Ultinous AI Suite requires specific CPU and GPU resources to function as intended, therefore installing is supported only on tested hardware, above. If you have questions about running AI Suite on specific x86-64 hardware, contact or open a ticket at

Video retention on x86-64

AI Suite on x86-64 hardware is able to handle up to 50 cameras. The storage space required (on the hardware selected as datapool during installation) for the retention of video data produced by them scales with the number of cameras registered: It is generally advised to have at least 1TB of storage space and 2-3TB if near or at maximum camera capacity, as once storage space for video data runs out, video data is going to be deleted starting from the oldest to make space for newly created data.