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Version: 3.0.6

U-Alarm release notes

Several additional utilities may be used in conjunction with U-Alarm. To find out which versions of them correspond to your U-Alarm, see the Additional Tools guide.


release date: 27th June 2022


  • Multiple email/snapshot sending issue has been fixed.


release date: 21th June 2022


  • Genetec Security Center integration
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


release date: 6th April 2022

Archived documentation of 3.0.0


  • New alarm type: Zone Crossing. Triggers an alarm whenever a person or vehicle moves into zone A from zone B. Ignores movement from the opposite direction.
  • New alarm type: Loitering. Triggers an alarm when a person or vehicle stays in a zone for a specified time.
  • Parked cars and non-moving human-like objects can be filtered in Intrusion and Multi Object Detection alarms.
  • U-Alarm can connect to cameras with up to 10 FPS.
  • Camera Editor (formerly Stream Configurator) UI improvements.
  • Minor quality-of-life improvements.



release date: 6th December 2021

Archived documentation of 2.1.0


  • Thermal camera support for all use cases.
  • New analytic models with improved accuracy.
  • Adjustable detection size setting for custom scenes.
  • Multi Object Counter improvements:
    • Binary Long range counting switch is replaced with adjustable detection size setting
    • More options are available in historical counter data export
  • Integration improvements:
    • Camera snapshots for events are available via HTTP and e-mail. "End of event" notification is available via HTTP.
    • Multiple custom HTTP headers are now supported.
    • Custom detector sensitivity settings are available for each object type and use case.
  • Detected object types are displayed in the video player.
  • Unreachable cameras are now indicated via HTTP and SNMP (Monitoring).
  • Grant SSH access with one click for remote support.
  • Crowd Detection can be used with other use cases at the same time.
  • PTZ / Thermal camera flag is now in the Cameras view.
  • Minor usability improvements.



release date: 15th October 2021

Archived documentation of 2.0.10


  • Startup time is increased after restart.


release date: 5th October 2021

Archived documentation of 2.0.8


  • Increased the accuracy of Alarms and Counters.
  • Counter API includes 'first' and 'min' values.
  • Minor fixes and improvements in the user interface.


release date: 3rd September 2021

Archived documentation of 2.0.6


  • Counter: Max/Average/Median calculation has been fixed.


release date: 26th August 2021

Archived documentation of 2.0.4


  • Crowd detection range issue has been fixed.


release date: 18th August 2021

Archived documentation of 2.0.2


  • Multi Object Counting maximum range has been increased by 60%.
  • The most recent multi object counting has been visualised within the user interface.
  • Historical counting data can be downloaded in .csv file.
  • Multi Object Counting has been extended with median and maximum values.
  • Bug fix: U-Alarm Network Discovery Tool did not recognize U-Alarm devices after changing device names.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


release date: 20th July 2021

Archived documentation of 2.0.0


  • Vehicle detection added to Intrusion detection
  • Person detection accuracy is further increased
  • Person and vehicle amount counting
  • Live and historical data access via API
  • Simplified UI with improved layout
  • HTTP status endpoint for monitoring


  • Former alarm Intrusion Detection (PTZ) is merged to Intrusion Detection. PTZ camera support is now a parameter in this alarm.
  • For Milestone XProtect integration, the U-Alarm / Milestone XProtect Connector should be updated.
  • It is recommended to set all connected camera streams' framerate to 1 fps.
  • Updating from a version older than 2.0.0 will remove all existing events!


release date: 31st May 2021

Archived documentation of 1.2.2


  • U-Alarm can connect to a custom time synchronization server (NTP)
  • RoI editor usability improvements
  • U-Alarm software updater Service Pack 1


release date: 12th May 2021

Archived documentation of 1.2.0


  • NVIDIA NX support: U-Alarm handles up to 10 cameras
  • Software update (online & offline)
  • Using RoI increases the detectors' performance
  • Operators can receive alarm notifications via email
  • Integration: alarm notification email attachment contains event metadata
  • Test event sending option for integration via HTTP
  • SSL support (HTTPS)
  • Minor UX improvements
  • Milestone XProtect integration documentation describes email notification settings.


release date: 29th March 2021

Archived documentation of 1.1.0


  • Intrusion detection PTZ camera support
  • Monitoring (SNMP)
  • False alarm rate is further decreased
  • Milestone XProtect connector: time offset setting
  • Camera FPS can be set to a fraction number
  • Minor improvements in user interface
  • Camera thumbnail load issue has been solved
  • U-Alarm Network discovery tool's crash issue has been solved


release date: 1st March 2021

Archived documentation of 1.0.1


  • Added restart U-Alarm device from the User interface.
  • Milestone XProtect connector has been upgraded to a Windows service (CGU-8800).
  • CGU-8940: Timeout for camera connection issue is solved for Axis and Bosch cameras.
  • CGU-8944: Licence handling issues have been solved.
  • CGU-8864: Fixed the issue when the registration form did not appear after a factory reset.
  • CGU-8886: Minor improvements in the video player and the user interface


release date: 10th February 2021

Archived documentation of 1.0.0

Key features

  • Intrusion detection
  • Crowd detection
  • Milestone XProtect support
  • Custom third-party software integration for alerting