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U-Safe release notes

Several additional utilities may be used in conjunction with U-Safe. To find out which versions of them correspond to your U-Safe, see the Additional Tools guide.


release date: 14th December 2022


  • NVidia Jetpack 4.6 upgrade increases the efficiency of Solutions. Please read the compatibility notes below for more information.
  • Metadata Output: A new Solution providing live datastream for any detected objects' position, class and movement and count. Can be integrated to any software via Ultinous AI Suite API and Google BigQuery.
  • Annotated Video Stream (Video Output): a new Solution which provides an output video stream (RTSP) for any use cases containing the bounding boxes and the classification info just as in the built-in video player. Compatible with almost any VMS / NVR.
  • Privacy Mask (Video Output): a new Solution which pixelates any selected object and provides an output video stream (RTSP). Non-selected moving objects are unaffected. Can be used for either fixed and PTZ cameras. Compatible with almost any VMS / NVR.
  • PPE Tracking: the efficiency is increased by 50%. Detection speed is increased, as well as the overall performance of the solution. Please read the compatibility notes below for more information.
  • Integration: GPS information is added to IMMIX, Sentinel and Sureview notifications.
  • Integration: Video clips can be attached to IMMIX, Sentinel and Sureview notifications.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • This version contains an NVidia Jetpack 4.6 upgrade. Prior installations (3.x.x or older) can not be upgraded to this version online. Please contact your account manager if you would like to upgrade.
  • PPE Detection now triggers an event upon each non-compliant person, regardless of the cooldown setting. From this version on, cooldown defines how often Ultinous AI Suite should re-check an individual after a check was made. Due to this change the default cooldown is set to 120 seconds. This setting is automatically applied to any previous Ultinous AI Suite configurations.


release date: 4th November 2022


  • Object Counter stability error has been fixed.


release date: 28th September 2022


  • NOTE: After upgrading to 3.1.4, alarm e-mail sending will be turned off if SMTP Settings are not set!
  • PPE detection accuracy is improved.
  • Incident video clips can be sent via email.
  • All alarms and counter data are integrated with Google BigQuery.
  • Sentinel support (for alarms).
  • Network Optix: Nx Witness VMS support (for alarms).
  • (Hanwha) Wisenet Wave VMS support (for alarms).


release date: 4th August 2022


  • New alarm type: Fall Detection.
  • New alarm type: Hazardous Area.
  • New counting type: Traffic Counting. Counts incoming/outgoing people and cars crossing a user-defined line.
  • Google BigQuery integration for Traffic Counting.
  • Central Station Monitoring integration: Immix CS and SureView Response.


release date: 27th June 2022


  • Multiple email/snapshot sending issue has been fixed.

  • Known issue: PPE detection draws both equipment type icons on bounding boxes in HTTP and email/snapshot messages


release date: 21th June 2022

Key Features

  • Wrong Direction: Triggers an alarm if a car or person is moving in a direction opposite of what is configured as the right one.
  • PPE Detection: Triggers an alarm if a person(s) lack either a protective helmet, a safety vest, or both.
  • Stopped Detection: Triggers an alarm whenever a car or any one of the supported object types stops moving for a configurable amount of time.
  • Milestone XProtect integration
  • Genetec Security Center integration


  • Milestone XProtect Connector should be updated.