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Version: 1.0.3

U-Filter 1.0.3 (Milestone XProtect)


Milestone XProtect is one of the most popular Video Management Systems. U-Filter is able to receive triggering events from this system and can send back filtered events so you can manage incidents in your well-known platform.

There are two ways of sending and managing alarms with U-Filter: through the Alarm Manager, or alternatively, via e-mail, using the built-in e-mail notification feature of Milestone XProtect.

NOTE: As of now, the Alarm Manager is only available in Milestone XProtect Express+ and above editions. If using Essential+, the only way of receiving alarms in Milestone XProtect is via e-mail notification.

Consult the following table for the different feature sets of Milestone XProtect editions:

XProtect Edition / FeatureAlarm managerE-mail notificationRecording on Alarm

Note: This guide has been tested on the following editions:

  • Milestone XProtect Essential+ 2022 R1
  • Milestone XProtect Professional+ 2022 R2
  • Milestone XProtect Professional+ 2022 R3

Key features

  • Intrusion detection
  • Motionless object filter
  • Camera channel based licensing
  • Smart load management

How does U-Filter work?

U-Filter enhances your existing security system's capabilities. Triggered by events which are recognised by Milestone XProtect, U-Filter can literally filter these events in order to drastically reduce false alarm rate, turning primitive features to an infallible defence system.

U-Filter integration with Milestone XProtect works as follows:

  1. Cameras are connected to Milestone XProtect.

  2. Milestone XProtect recognises an event which can be a possible incident. This is the "triggering event" which can be:

    • Motion start / Motion stopped event detected by Milestone XProtect
    • Intrusion detection event triggered by the camera and recognized by Milestone XProtect
    • Any kind of Person detection or Motion which is manifested as an event in Milestone XProtect event server
  3. The U-Filter Milestone Plugin sends a video snapshot from the camera stream to the U-Filter Server.

  4. The U-Filter Server analyses the snapshot and queries whether there is an intruder (or any other object class available in U-Filter) in it.

  5. On a positive response the U-Filter Milestone Plugin triggers an U-Filter event in Milestone XProtect.

  6. The U-Filter event is converted to an Alarm and notifies a security operator. If the response was negative in the previous step, the operator will not be bothered.

Before proceeding with setting up U-Filter, please consult the following guide on the compatible versions of the U-Filter backend server and U-Filter Milestone Plugin.

Third party licence notes are available here.